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There are many kinds of barcode software on the market now, and our barcode software is one of them.
The advantage of our barcode software is that it is easy to use, cheap, and there is a free version that supports most functions. And can support common printers.

Our barcode freeware can print almost all types of barcodes and QR Code.

You can choose to use a professional barcode printer to quickly print barcode labels in batches, or you can also choose to use a common laser or inkjet printers to batch print barcodes to label sheet paper such as Avery.

Our barcode software has advanced functions to improve your work efficiency.

For example :

1. It can import Excel data to print a large number of barcode labels.

2. It can also automatically generate a series of barcodes with serial numbers and then print labels.


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Print bulk various types barcode labels with laser inkjet printer, add barcode to Excel, Word.    Download Now



Download Barcode Label Design and Printing Software Now




This barcode software has multiple printing options, you can directly print to Avery label or other label paper, or insert the barcode images to Excel or Word then print, or export each barcode image to a file, then use them on document edition or image editing software and printing.


This barcode generator software can create all type of 1D or 2D barcode, including QR code and ISBN barcode for book..;On each barcode label, it can print one barcode and one text title, the barcode label can print as horizontal or vertical, it can print barcode labels to Avery label or common A4 paper use all type of printer, it support all types of barcode format, the printed barcode label can read by all barcode scanner / reader. If you want to print bulk of barcode labels with a serial sequence number, this barcode program can automatic create these barcode numbers.


It is suggest to use self-adhesive label paper to print barcode label, but it is also ok to print barcode on common office use Al, B5, etc. printing paper, the barcode labels can be pasted up to the products, or be pasted up to the printed form, invoice, purchase order etc. If your current using IT manage system do not support barcode printing, you can use this program to print some separate barcode labels, then paste up them to the printed forms, reports, so that your old system have the barcode function, this way can also reduce the amount of self-adhesive label paper and reduce the cost.


The printed barcode labels can be read by all type of barcode reader / scanner, the QR code can also be read by the mobile phone too, this is useful for factory or business manage. It is a low cost bulk barcode labels printing software.



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