Barcode Label / Barcode Label Paper 


The barcode label can be printed with barcode, text and pattern, etc., and is pasted on the surface of the item or on the packaging box to identify the item and read the information contained in the barcode with a barcode scanner.

Barcode labels are usually printed on self-adhesive label paper, and there are two types:
A roll type, used in professional barcode label printers, can print at high speed.

The other is A4 or Letter label paper sheet for common laser or inkjet printers, such as Avery 5160 label paper.
Barcode label paper should be waterproof, scratch-resistant and so on.

Our barcode label printing software is the suitable for printing bar code to Avery or other barcode label paper, and then can easily tear off the bar code label and then paste to the product packing or other place where bar code is required, such as invoice, preprinted form, etc. 

You can also print barcode to ordinary A4 printing paper, it can also be read by all type of barcode scanner, but these labels are not waterproof and easy to damage.  







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