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Our barcode generator software includes online free version, desktop free version, and desktop full version.


The barcode freeware can print almost all types of barcodes and QR Code.

You can choose to use a professional barcode printer to quickly print barcode labels in batches, or you can also choose to use a common laser or inkjet printers to batch print barcodes to label sheet paper such as Avery.


The full version of the barcode software has advanced functions to improve your work efficiency.

For example :

1. It can import Excel data to print a large number of barcode labels.

2. It can also automatically generate a series of barcodes with serial numbers and then print labels.



Step 1: Input the barcode data:

A. The freeware version can only use the "Simple Input Form" to enter 1 barcode to print barcode.

The full version has the following advance data input function:

B.  Input the barcode data in Excel / Spreadsheet, then import the this barcode maker software to make bulk barcodes.

C.  Auto generate a serial barcode or QR code with sequence number, the barcode title can also generate sequence numbers.

D.  Support multiple lines text input, so you can copy texts from Excel / Word and other software to print barcode labels.

E.  This barcode software has a built-in spreadsheet editor, you can edit the data directly in here, it can automatically generate

a series of sequence number data, or a series of enumerated data, it can also export the spreadsheet data to CSV / Excel

document. It can copy & paste data directly from Excel to this spreadsheet, and edit again.


Step 2: Set the barcode format:

A.  Set the barcode type: Support most of 1D 2D barcode.

B.  Show Text Under Barcode: Human readable feature

C.  Auto Resize - High Readability: Stretch the barcode image ,auto adjust the barcode width for the best display.

D.  A label consists of a barcode and 4 lines of text, if you need the label has multiple barcodes, please use the following

Barcode Designer software, it is installed in the same folder with the barcode maker software.

E.  Click the "Calc Size" button,  open the advanced text lines setting setup form, set each line of the text in the barcode label,

the barcode label can has multiple lines text.

F.  Font name / font size: Support all font type which installed on the current Widows system.

G. Text alignment: It can be set to left ,right and center.

H.  Rotation: It can let the barcode display and print on a specify rotation direction: 0, 90, 180, 270 degree angle.

I.   Click the "Calc Size" button, this barcode program will auto calculate and adjust the size parameters the match the current

label size, paper size and label paper sheet's print columns / rows of step 3.


Step 3: Print Barcode Label: Set the barcode printer and printing parameters.

A.  Printer: Choose a printer you need to use to print barcode label. PDF virtual printer can be used for change the barcode to

PDF format file, and then use on another computer to print barcode labels.

B.  Print labels per page/sheet: In above screen shot, Columns=3, Rows=10, it means the barcode program will print 3X10=30

labels in one page. This function is used for setup the printing quantity per page in Avery or other barcode label paper.

C.  Left & Center option:

Select Left: The printing position of the barcode on the page will be determined by the following 6 sets of parameters.

Select  Center, the printing position of the barcode on the page will be automatically placed in the middle of the page, but

this usually cannot match the commonly used barcode label paper sheet such as Avery.

Generally, it is recommended to select the Left option.

D.  Paper: Select a paper type: A4,b5, Letter ... etc.

If you select the "Custom Paper", then you can manually specify the paper width and height.

E.  Setup Wizard: Step by step wizard to setup the barcode label printing position.

F.  Templates: For commonly used label paper such as Avery 5160, 5161, etc.  we have pre-designed a set of templates to

simplify your setup work to make barcode label.

G.  To Excel Word: Out a group of barcode images to MS Excel or Word document, so you can add text or other contents to

the barcode label, then you can use Excel or Word to design and print the barcode label.

H. To Image Files: Out a group of barcode images to Png, Emf, Bmp format image files. Emf is a vector image format that can

be upscaled to any size without reducing the resolution of the barcode image.

I .  Open Folder: Open the folder which is used for store the outputted barcode image files.

J.  Print label: Start to print barcode labels.

K.  Tips: When you load data from an Excel file with large amount of barcode data, please wait a moment, until all data are be

loaded, then the print function will take effect, the print labels button cannot work before all barcode data has be loaded.



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