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This is the name of our older version of the Barcode Creator software.
We have now released a new version Barcode Creator software:
EasierSoft Barcode Label Printing Toolkit.
The new version software contains all the functions of the old version barcode program, and can support all versions of Windows systems.
All registered users can free upgrade to this new version Barcode Creator software.


Download link of the new version barcode creator software: Download Now


We also provide 2 free online Barcode Creator website: http://barcode.design       http://free-barcode.com


New Feature of the new version Barcode Creator software:

1. The new fully Barcode Creator software supports data input in Excel, and then imports the Excel data into this Barcode Creator software for batch printing of

    barcode labels.

2. The new version Barcode Creator software including two edition: standard and professional  edition, the professional edition has more options for design the barcode

    label, it can print more complex label format.

3. Automatic calculate the barcode width and height to match your barcode label paper.
4. Predefine a variety of common used label templates.
5. Enter barcode data in an ease to use grid.
6. Bulk enter the barcode data by sequence and enum, etc.
7. Serial number builder for Excel.
8: The professional edition Barcode Creator software can make QR Code which has multiple group data:
9. Generate sequence barcode number, add check digit, export to Excel.
10. Print complex format barcode labels.
11. Set multiple font format for each line text.
12. Bulk QR Code Label Printing.

     Input data in Excel, then print bulk QR Code labels. For a QR Code can contain up to 4296 characters, a QR Code can contain all the contents of the

     multiple barcodes of traditional label, so you only need to scan one time to collect multiple sets of information to the computer, this will greatly

     improve work efficiency.


This barcode label printing software is suitable for print barcode labels in Avery label or other label paper, it is a matrix barcode labels printing program support all barcode printer and scanner, E.g to print barcode to Avery 5160 label paper, there 3*10 labels in one sheet, so in this barcode printing software, just need few steps:

(1) Enter 30 barcode numbers in the data input field, or enter the barcode data in Excel and then import to this barcode program.

(2) Specify the barcode type, barcode size, barcode font, etc.

(3) Specify the paper as "Letter" which same as Avery label paper.

(4) Set to print 3 X 10 labels.


This barcode software has multiple printing options, you can directly print to Avery label or other label paper, or insert the barcode images to Excel or Word then print, or export each barcode image to a file, then use them on document edition or image editing software and printing.


This Barcode Creator software can create all type of 1D or 2D barcode, including QR code and ISBN barcode for book..;On each barcode label, it can print one barcode and one text title, the barcode label can print as horizontal or vertical, it can print barcode labels to Avery label or common A4 paper use all type of printer, it support all types of barcode format, the printed barcode label can read by all barcode scanner / reader. If you want to print bulk of barcode labels with a serial sequence number, this barcode program can automatic create these barcode numbers.


It is suggest to use self-adhesive label paper to print barcode label, but it is also ok to print barcode on common office use Al, B5, etc. printing paper, the barcode labels can be pasted up to the products, or be pasted up to the printed form, invoice, purchase order etc. If your current using IT manage system do not support barcode printing, you can use this program to print some separate barcode labels, then paste up them to the printed forms, reports, so that your old system have the barcode function, this way can also reduce the amount of self-adhesive label paper and reduce the cost.


The printed barcode labels can be read by all type of barcode reader / scanner, the QR code can also be read by the mobile phone too, this is useful for factory or business manage. It is a low cost bulk barcode labels printing software.


Old version Barcode Creator software screen shot:

Barcode Creator


New version Barcode Creator software screen shot - professional edition:

Barcode Creator Pro


New version Barcode Creator software screen shot - standard edition:

Most of the functions of this edition are the same as the old version Universal Barcode Creator software.

Barcode Creator Std


More information about the new version Barcode Creator software.


The Advantages of using a barcodes system:


If you want to reduce the costs and save time, using barcodes is a good choice. Whether you are a company or a non-commercial organization, to improve the working efficiency and reduce overhead, barcodes are a valuable and viable option, which is economical and reliable. The costs is also lower -- just need to use our free barcode software and common office use printer.


Using Barcode system eliminates the possibility of human error. The error rate of manually entering data is
significantly higher than that of scan barcodes. Barcode scanning is fast and reliable, and it takes much less time than manual data entry. Especially when using a QR code, hundreds of characters can be read and entered into your system instantly.


Using a barcode system can make the working process simple and easy, so it can reduces the employee training time. It only takes a few minutes to master the barcode scanner to collecting data, employees no need to familiar with the entire inventory or pricing process. This also reduces the cost of employee training.


The bar code design and printing cost are low. Generally speaking, no matter how they are used or where they are posted, the cost is not high. They can be customized economically, in a variety of finishes and materials. Just use our free version barcode software, you can do lots of thing to enhance your working efficiency.


The barcode system is very versatile, it can be used for any necessary data collection. This may include pricing or inventory information or management information service system. In addition, because barcodes can be affixed to almost any surface, they can be used not only to track the product itself, but also to track the production process, shipments and equipments.


Using barcode system will improve the inventory control is improved, it can track inventory accurately, inventory levels can be reduced it will lower the rate of eavesdropping. The location of the inventory and device can also be tracked, thereby reducing the time it takes to find the inventory and device.


The barcode system provide better data. Because a barcode can store various information such as inventory and pricing, especially when using QR Code, it can store thousands of characters, so the data stored in the barcode can be quickly obtained by the barcode reader, this fast turnaround ensures that time is not wasted on data entry or retrieval. In addition, the barcode can be customized to include other relevant information as needed. They provide fast and reliable data for various applications.


When barcodes are used in management information systems, they can promote better decision-making. Because data is obtained quickly and accurately, you can quickly obtain a full range of information for the entire company or organization, so it is possible to make more informed decisions. Better decisions can ultimately save time and money.


Barcodes are cheap and user-friendly, providing an indispensable tool for tracking data from pricing to inventory. The end result of a comprehensive bar code system is reduced overhead.



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