Import Excel sheet's data to the barcode program.

Reedit the imported Excel data bulk edit multiple rows data.


1. Choose an Excel file which for store the barcode data.


2. Specify which data you want to import to the barcode program.


3.The Excel  data needs a fixed format, as below.


4. Some system maybe has compatibility issue, if you cannot directly import data from Excel, you can also choose to copy

and paste the data from Excel sheet to this barcode program.


5. After copy data to this form, you can edit them, delete some rows or edit the cell's data.


6. After  imported data from Excel, you can edit the data again, you can also edit multiple rows data in the same time.


7. Edit one row data.


8. Edit multiple rows data.


9. Insert a sequence number to the data sheet.


10. Insert a group data to the data sheet.


11. Delete multiple rows.


12. Sore the grid, export the data to a new Excel file.



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