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UPC code (Universal Product Code) is one of the large-scale application of the bar code, the Uniform Code Council to develop a bar code for goods, mainly for the United States and Canada, after the passage of international trade.


You can then use this GS1 company prefix to program your own UPC numbers and use any barcode generator software to create UPC barcodes by these UPC numbers. Each commodity should correspond to a UPC number.


How to buy UPC code  --  Adding UPCs, EANs, and ISBNs for Your Products 


Most categories require sellers to use a product identifier to create new product pages and offer listings on the Amazon.com website. The most common identifier used by sellers is a UPC.

If you don't provide a UPC, EAN, or ISBN, you will generally receive an error message. When this occurs, you will need to add the product's identifier in order to create a new product detail page in the Amazon.com catalog or complete your inventory offering. (If you don't have a UPC, EAN, or ISBN for your product, see How to Obtain a Product Code.)
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Amazon has contributed mightily to fraud within the U.P.C. System.

Valid U.P.C.'s require verified Membership in GS1.

However, far too many Amazon Sellers do not want to pay the exorbitant GS1 Fees, so they rely on "second tier" Firms like Buy a Barcode, Mozian, etc. - where they can obtain U.P.C.'s for $10.

The problem is - these Codes are NOT verifiable by GS1 (as relates to Company Membership or Ownership), but, they satisfy Amazon, and others, because they are a twelve digit U.P.C.

Another Amazon issue is the lack of requirements for U.P.C.'s for selected Categories - DVD's, Wine, Private Label Foods, etc. - which means that, Product Recalls cannot be achieved on Amazon.

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A UPC code is a 12-digit number with the bar code comprised of 7-bit codes that represent each digit in the sequence.

There are exactly 30 bars in the UPC code sequence, including the start and end bars.

The UPC code is read by a digital scanner that allows it to interpret each of these bars and match it up with a database for speedy check out.



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