Print bulk barcode labels to common laser printer or inkjet printer.

Print barcode labels to professional barcode printer.


1. On the barcode program's main form, click the "Print Labels" button.

The barcode printing form will be opened.

2. You can choose to print all barcodes from the data you entered, or only print part of them.

3. You can choose to print by row or by column.

4. You can specify the print start row-column, and the end row-column.



5. Some printer has non-printing gap on page border, this may cause the printed barcode incomplete and cannot be read,

 It is suggest to keep little margin on the label.



6. You can move the whole printing page up or down,  and move left or right.

7. Print on the whole page or print on part of the page, the following show print from 2 row 3 column to 8 row 2 column.

8. Example: For Page 1 to 2: the program will print part of page in page 1to2.




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