1D barcode / 2D barcode


Bar codes can be divided into two categories: 1D barcode and 2D barcode, 2D barcode can contain lots of data and other  information.


2D bar code / 2-dimensional bar code (2-dimensional bar code) is a certain geometry according to a certain law in the plane (two-dimensional direction) distribution of black and white graphics data symbolic information; The use of a number of binary corresponding to the geometric shape of the text to represent the text of the value of information, through the image input device or photoelectric scanning device to automatically read to achieve the concept of "0" and "1" bitstreams that make up the internal logic of the computer Automatic information processing: it has some common bar code technology: each code has its own specific character set; each character occupies a certain width; has a certain check function and so on. But also has a different line of information automatically identify the function, and deal with graphics rotation change point.

The difference:

Multi-line bar code, do not need to connect a database, itself can store a lot of data, used in: hospitals, driver's license, material management, cargo transport, when the bar code by a certain damage, the error can correct the bar code can correctly decode the two-dimensional code The It is a multi-line, continuous, variable-length, symbolic identifier that contains large amounts of data. Each barcode has 3 - 90 rows, each line has a starting portion, a data portion, and a terminating portion. Its character set includes all 128 characters, the maximum data content is 1850 characters.

A one-dimensional bar code is only in one direction (usually horizontal) to express information, and in the vertical direction does not express any information, its certain height is usually to facilitate the reader's alignment.

One-dimensional bar code application can improve the speed of information entry, reduce the error rate, but one-dimensional bar code also has some shortcomings:

Data capacity smaller: 30 characters or so, can only contain letters and numbers;
Bar code size is relatively large (low space utilization);

After the bar code has been damaged, it can not be read;

A bar code that stores information in two-dimensional space in the horizontal and vertical directions is called a dimensional bar code.


2D barcode:




1D barcode:



The most commonly used two-dimensional code is QR Code, QR full name Quick Response, is a mobile device in recent years on a super-popular encoding, it than the traditional Bar Code bar code can save more information, but also that more Of the data type.

● information access (business card, map, WIFI password, data)
● website jump (jump to microblogging, mobile site, website)
● Advertising push (user scan, direct browsing business push video, audio advertising)
● mobile phone business (user sweep code, mobile phone direct purchase orders)
● anti-counterfeiting trace (user scan code, you can view the production site; at the same time the background can get the final consumption)
● Promotional promotions (user sweep, download electronic coupons, draw)
● member management (user phone to obtain electronic membership information, VIP service)
● mobile payment (scan goods two-dimensional code, through the bank or third-party payment to provide mobile phone channel to complete the payment)




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