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EAN-128 barcode, also known as GS1-128/UCC-128

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Hi, could your SW code more AI (application idenfiticators) of GS1, if they have variable length? In my barcode meets AI=37 (amount) and AI=10 (batch), both variable length, together with AI=02 (GTIN) with fixed length (14chars). The norm declare, that on end of variable AI have to be FNC1 char (code 102 in set), but I have no idea, how it should be coded in your SW. Could you tell me this?




Yes, please choose the barcode type as "EAN-128", EAN-128 barcode, also known as GS1-128/UCC-128. The GS1-128 standard is an application standard within the Code 128 barcode. It identifies data with Application Identifiers (AI).

You simply enter the human readable line including the brackets: e.g. (01)01234567890128(15)876543. This program will removes the brackets and codes the EAN/UCC 128 code correct as 010123456789012815876543.

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