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    EasierSoft Barcode Generator is an ease-to-use barcode label design and printing software, just need a few quick mouse motions, you can print batch various barcodes in any Windows compatible printer, or export to many popular formats graphic files --- Png, Bmp, Emf, the printed barcode label can be paste to the shipping label, invoice, the generated barcode images can be imported into Graphic design software, desktop publishing, word processing software or the reports program of the ERP, MIS system, etc. This barcode software has some unique function: it can print barcode label on common office use A4 paper with a laser or inkjet printer, the effect will be better if use the sticky label paper, and it also can work with the professional barcode label printer.

    This barcode maker program can add in barcodes to MS Excel or Word, so it can cooperative work with Excel or Word to make complex barcode label, some label has lots of contents are contained, for example, a product packing box label may including delivery address, supplier number, name, date code, quantity, logo, etc. Usually, people use professional bar code label design software to design these barcode labels, but these software are expensive and not easy to learn, now, EasierSoft Barcode Generator provides you a alternative solution, it is free and simple --- you can designing and print all kind of bar code labels with MS Excel or Word, then add in barcode images to Excel or Word file, then print the barcodes. This is good choice for most of the people are skillful at applying Excel or Word, so no need to learn those complex and professional bar code label design software again. Excel and Wordís feasible and strong document format editing and printing function can be used to design barcode label. And output the professional bar code labels, this is equivalent to add in barcode fonts to Word and Excel.

    EasierSoft Barcode Generator supports all the most popular bar code types, such as Code 39, Code 128, EAN-13, QR Code. etc.
    This barcode maker software supports large bulk of barcode labelsí input and print. You can input the contents of the hundreds of thousands of labels at one time, instead of one by one, then, the program will print barcode labels with batches. The contents of bar code labels can also be input in Excel, automatic generate sequence of numbers for print bulk of barcodes. It makes your job more simple and more efficient.


Main window of barcode generator software.


Enter batch barcode data for print bulk of barcode labels, to Avery label paper or just A4 paper.


Auto generate a sequence barcode numbers for print bulk barcode labels.

These parameters will generate 99 numbers:  from 321234501B to 321234599B.


Import data from MS Excel sheet to print bulk barcode labels.

Note: The Excel sheet name must use its default name "Sheet1", it is suggest to click the "New File"

button to create a standard blank Excel template file for input the barcode data.


Use MS Excel to design complex barcode label, then use this barcode generator software to

add in barcode images to Excel and build barcode label.


Input "barcode function" to MS Excel, then use barcode generator software to change them to barcode images.


Use MS Word to design complex barcode label, then use this barcode generator software to

add in barcode images to Word and build barcode label.

Input "barcode function" to MS Word, then use barcode generator software to change them to barcode images.


Generate ISBN barcode for book, including price.


Generate QR Code of vCard format.


Generate QR Code.


Generate EAN-13 barcode.


Export bulk barcode images to MS Excel or Word documents, then you can add other text you need with the Excel or Word.


When export barcode to Excel of Word table, you can specify some blank row or columns on the table for input other text.


The printing function can specify the print quantity for each barcode, and only print barcode on part of the paper.

This can avoid the waste of label paper.


Export bulk barcode images to files.


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1. Make barcode labels, barcode images, work with Excel / Word, print to

Avery label, A4, B5 paper, etc. with more option,  print batch barcodes

with common laser / inkjet printer to all kinds of self-adhesive labels.


2. Design and print more complex labels with barcodes, texts, logo, etc.


You can also download Barcode Generator Software on CNET, click this link: 




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