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The History of Barcode and QR Ccode

1. Chronicle of the Development of Barcodes

2. Who invented the barcode?

3. 1961, Railroad KarTrak barcode system

4. History of barcode scanning technology

5. UPC barcode first used in supermarkets

6. The history of UPC barcode

7. The history of QR Code

8. The history of Code 128 barcode

9. The advantages of Code 128

10. The limitations of Code 128

11. Code 128 compare to QR codes

12. The history of EAN barcode

13. Advantages of using EAN barcodes

14. The limitations of EAN barcode

15. The history of Ean-14/GTIN-14

16. The history of ITF-14 (SCC-14) barcode

17. The history of IATA barcode

18. The history of PDF417 barcode

19. The advantages of PDF417 barcode

20. PDF417 compare to QR codes

21. The history of EAN-128 barcode

22. The advantages of EAN-128 barcode

23. The history of ISSN barcode

24. The history of ISBN barcode

25. The history of Codebar

26. The history of PLANET barcode

27. The history of Interleaved 2of5

28. The history of Code93 barcode

29. The history of Plessey barcode

30. The history of Code11 barcode

31. History of Intelligent Mail barcode

32. How to use Intelligent Mail Barcode?

33. Difference of IMB and other barcodes

34. The history of Code39 barcode

35. The difference of Code39 and Code39ext

36. The history of Data Matrix barcode

37. The advantages of Data Matrix

38. The limitations of Data Matrix

39. QR code invented by Denso Wave

40. QR Code Payment Technology Patent













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