Steps of:  Print Barcode Label to Professional Barcode Printer.


Step 1: Input the barcode label's data in Excel spreadsheet.
  1. You can also directly enter the data in this barcode program.
  2. You can generate a serial sequence numbers for print barcode label.
Step 2: Define the barcode label's format.
  1. Support almost all 1D and 2D barcode type, eg. code 39, code 128, QR Code.
  2. Rotation can set to: 0, 90, 180, 270 degree angle.
  3. Calc Size: Auto set the barcode size to match you label paper.
Step 3: Print barcode label.
  1. Select the customize paper, You can manually define paper width and height.
  2. Select which printer you need to use it for print barcode in this step.
  3. If you need to print one barcode in one label, please enter 1 column and 1 row in this define fields.


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