Print and Generate Barcode Image File from Command Line


Barcode Generator can be run from command line, print barcode or generate barcode image file, there are a visual program for generate the command line ---- you can also click the menu "Command-Line" on the main barcode program to launch the command line builder program:

The command format had changed on the new version 6.6.55.


Command line format of Old version 6.6.36.

"Program path" P1,P2,P3,P4,P5,P6,P7,P8,P9,P10,P11,P12,P13,P14,P15,P16,P17,P18,P19,P20,P21,P22,P23,P24

Default = The program's final setting.

P1:     Barcode Value
P2:     Print Quantity
P3:     Barcode Format
P4:     Window State of the program: [0 = Hidden, 1 = Normal, 2 = Minimized] [Default = 0]
P5:     Printer Index
P6:     Print columns per page
P7:     Print rows per page
P8:     Title
P9:     If show text label: [0 = yes, 1 = No]
P10:   Rotation:[0,90,180,270]
P11:   Font
P12:   Font Size
P13:   Barcode Alignment
P14:   Stretch
P15:   Unit
P16:   Width
P17:   Height
P18:   Output Mode: [0 = Print, 1 = Export to image file] [Default = 0]
P19:   Print Alignment: [LEFT, CENTER], only for print
P20:   Export Image Path and File Name: (Example: C:\aa.bmp, C:\aa.emf,

          C:\aa.png), only for export to image file
P21:   Top Margin, only for print
P22:   Left Margin, only for print
P23:   Row Space, only for print
P24:   Column Space, only for print


1. Print a barcode, the value is "ABC123456".
"C:\Program Files\BarcodeOverprinter\BarcodeGenerator.exe" ABC12345,1,Code128B,0,1,1,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
"C:\Program Files\BarcodeOverprinter\BarcodeGenerator.exe" ABC12345,1,Code128B,0,1,1,1

2. Export a barcode image file, the value is "ABC123456".
"C:\Program Files\BarcodeOverprinter\BarcodeGenerator.exe" ABC12345,1,Code128B,0,1,1,1,,,,,,,,,,,1,,C:\aa.bmp



You can also download Barcode Generator Software on CNET, click this link: 




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