Print and Generate Barcode from Command Line

Note: Only the version 6.6.55 support this feature:  Download Now

Barcode Generator can be run from command line, print barcode or generate barcode image file, there are a visual program for generate the command line ---- you can also click the menu "Command-Line" on the main barcode program to launch the command line builder program:

The command format had changed on the new version 6.6.55.


Command line format of Old version 6.6.36.

"Program path" P1,P2,P3,P4,P5,P6,P7,P8,P9,P10,P11,P12,P13,P14,P15,P16,P17,P18,P19,P20,P21,P22,P23,P24

Default = The program's final setting.

P1:     Barcode Value
P2:     Print Quantity
P3:     Barcode Format
P4:     Window State of the program: [0 = Hidden, 1 = Normal, 2 = Minimized] [Default = 0]
P5:     Printer Index
P6:     Print columns per page
P7:     Print rows per page
P8:     Title
P9:     If show text label: [0 = yes, 1 = No]
P10:   Rotation:[0,90,180,270]
P11:   Font
P12:   Font Size
P13:   Barcode Alignment
P14:   Stretch
P15:   Unit
P16:   Width
P17:   Height
P18:   Output Mode: [0 = Print, 1 = Export to image file] [Default = 0]
P19:   Print Alignment: [LEFT, CENTER], only for print
P20:   Export Image Path and File Name: (Example: C:\aa.bmp, C:\aa.emf,

          C:\aa.png), only for export to image file
P21:   Top Margin, only for print
P22:   Left Margin, only for print
P23:   Row Space, only for print
P24:   Column Space, only for print


1. Print a barcode, the value is "ABC123456".
"C:\Program Files\BarcodeOverprinter\BarcodeGenerator.exe" ABC12345,1,Code128B,0,1,1,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
"C:\Program Files\BarcodeOverprinter\BarcodeGenerator.exe" ABC12345,1,Code128B,0,1,1,1

2. Export a barcode image file, the value is "ABC123456".
"C:\Program Files\BarcodeOverprinter\BarcodeGenerator.exe" ABC12345,1,Code128B,0,1,1,1,,,,,,,,,,,1,,C:\aa.bmp


You can also download Barcode Generator Software on CNET, click this link: 



>> Barcode Since their invention more than 50 years ago, barcode have been enablers for accurate data capture, the rapid movement of goods, and all types of automation. Whether at the Point-of-Sale, in a hospital, or in a manufacturing environment these little black and white images deliver incredible value.

>> There are many different bar code symbologies, or languages. Each symbology has its own rules for encoding characters (e.g., letter, number, punctuation), printing, decoding requirements, and error checking.

>> Barcode symbologies differ both in the way they represent data and in the type of data they can encode: some encode numbers; others encode numbers, letters, and a few punctuation characters; still others offer encodation of the 128 or 256 ASCII character sets. Recently unveiled symbologies include options to encode characters in any language as well as specialized data types.

>> Barcode in common use are covered by international standards. International standards also cover print quality measurements and equipment.

Bar code technology standards define:

*** Rules for representing data in an optically readable format,

*** Rules and techniques for printing or marking,

*** Reading and decoding techniques,

*** Rules for measuring the quality of printed/marked symbols